How to make a trap

Credit to @Blizzy and @Penguin101, my trap is a little different

What you will need

x1 Zone
x2 Speed Modifier
x1 Repeater
x1 Counter
A few lasers
Optional: a prop

Here is what the final product looks like:
Screenshot 2023-11-25 11.59.02 AM
First of all, grab a zone and a teleporter. Wire them like this, then stack them on top of each other like dis:

Screenshot 2023-11-25 12.01.32 PM

Then, grab your lasers and configure their settings like dis(The color’s optional):

Screenshot 2023-11-25 12.03.58 PM
Screenshot 2023-11-25 12.03.49 PM
Then, wire the zone to the lasers like dis:

Then, stack it on top of the zone.
Screenshot 2023-11-25 12.05.45 PM
Then, grab two speed modifiers. Set the first speed modifier’s settings to this:
Screenshot 2023-11-25 12.06.27 PM
Then wire the zone to that speed modifier.

Next, grab a repeater and a counter and set the repeater settings to dis:
Screenshot 2023-11-25 12.07.52 PM

And here are the counter settings:
Screenshot 2023-11-25 12.08.48 PM
Screenshot 2023-11-25 12.08.39 PM

Now, wire them like dis:

Now, grab your other speed modifier. The speed should be 1.0.
Now, wire the counter to the speed modifier like dis:

Then, wire the counter to the lasers like this:

Do this to all of your lasers.

Optional Prop

Put the prop somewhere under a laser beam like this. It’ll look like it is coming from that prop:
Screenshot 2023-11-25 12.41.35 PM
Make sure its not seeable on game start and wire it with the zone (When zone entered, show prop)

And just in case you were wondering why everything is purple: Yes, this is based on the Crystal Sorcerer Sentry Boss.

And you’re done!


You can still edit it. Looks really good so far!


so basically, the player gets immobile and takes some damage for a while
imagine an armed enemy player/sentry is nearby XD


Sounds interesting, and it could be used for any type of map thanks to the fact that props could be available! Sounds great!

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Cool Guide @BreathTaking!

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You could also add an animated bicycle rack showing and hiding because it looks like a (bear?) trap.

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Could you check your email in half an hour?

Nice guide!

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I just realized I used a repeater in this guide
my entire life crumbles before my eyes

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To make this easier, you could make everything separately and then pile everything on top at the end.