Death Run Trap Ideas

I need ideas for what traps I should add to my death run.
Right now I have a laser trap, a breaking bridge trap, a falling tree trap, and a sentry trap.
I don’t need mechanics, just ideas.
The map theme is grassland
Screenshot 2024-01-29 5.01.52 PM

Screenshot 2024-01-29 5.00.48 PM
(Lasers and Sentry’s are Invisible)

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not 100% a trap
but an idea
you could have a lane/hallway/wtv and invisible teleporters at the end and those teleporters teleport you back to the beginning of the hallway thing
but in the wall is a secret area where you can go in it to keep going on the run
it’s not very “deadly” but it’s a troll ig

  • sticky trap(it’s advised to make players very fast so it’s very hard to control and they run into it)-Ice trap ( you can use a teleporter or a respawn in the middle of the ice so players don’t get a boost, instead a huge time loss.)
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A trap with multiple doorways and if you enter the wrong one a barrier appears over the doorway.

Have the player enter a zone and block them off with breakable barrier

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