Teleporter of DOOM [🟩]

Blizzy made ideas for pranks but had no attachment to it. Since it was originally @Blizzy’s idea, credit to her, now, without further ado, let’s get started. Here is the guide: Guide by Blizzy


First, you wanna make it look very intriguing like it’s good to click. So, put down a vending machine (because they make everything better), a teleporter, and a barrier.

Mechanics/ Channels

Next, make sure to make the vending machine (transmit on channel) put to channel “Die” and for the required amount, make it a lot of currency (depending on what you’re using for your game (make it a lot to make them want it). For the teleporter, make sure it has no group and its target group is “Death”. For the barrier, make it black with about 7.0000000001 transparency so you can still see the teleporter. For the barrier, it has to deactivate on channel “Die”. Now, to make it more attractive, put a text on the upper layer and write a “?” in white.

Screenshot 2023-12-03 12.23.04 PM

Finishing Touches

Now, make a teleporter with group “Death” and put it where you want the doom. You could make it near a lot of sentries or just trap them! Make sure that you decorate the first teleporter to make it more attractive!
Screenshot 2023-12-03 12.34.56 PM



I linked it into the Teleporter Prank part


Maybe you should put mini guide in the title. Also this is a nice guide and a good addition to the ultimate guide of trolls and pranks!


nice guide!


Did you even read it :thinking:

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Nice guide!




Ah, the classic. If I had a penny for every time I’ve seen this be used for evil… Great guide, and good luck for future guides!


If you did, you’d be the richest person ever.

Nice Guide, @GimSolver!

Doom-Shroom :exploding_head:

Nice guide!

BUMP for doom!

Nice guide!

[Maybe I could add some things. . . >:) ]

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like DOOM the video game or is that just emphasis on the word doom

Just emphasizing.

If DOOM was in GKC. . .


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oh wait wasn’t there some gim art of that?
Screenshot 2023-12-26 4.59.13 PM
yeah yeah this
cool even though it looks like they just added transparent gim images to it

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*starts epic DOOM Eternals rage music

“When the DOOM music kicks in”
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bumpy bump bump. this should just be the doom death trap teleporter tbh with actaul doom stuff in it.