How can i make a quick popup

Yes, but it can not only be triggered by collision, it can also be triggered from a wire.

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okay that was the only thing i thought i was lol anyway thanks for the solution

i didn’t work for me but ill keep tryin

What are your wires?

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what do you mean by where the wires are

Can you send an image?

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It should work.
What exactly happens when you test it out?

i step on the trigger and nothing happens

You aren’t supposed to step on the trigger.
It gets triggered from the lifecycle.

i think i did the wires wrong then

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these are all of the wires

actually i think if you use notification it will also work

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True! Notifications are actually the things that show up in the corner of your screen and disappear after a while! Also welcome to the community!

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thank you, feel welcomed

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okay thanks for the info

thanks for the more info about notifications

oh sorry i didn’t see this

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