"Huh, why is it here now?" (Troll friends/trap) 1/10

I got a really funny idea, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Heres my idea, go use it if you wanna troll you friends.

So when your about to get to an exit, and then a random wall comes and blocks you off, making it so you can’t get in. But when they leave the zone, for some reason, it comes back. So you do that dance a couple of times but to no avail. I’ll show you how to troll your friends like that.

Materials are…
1x Barrier
1x Counter
1x Zone

So first, place down your zone.

Now, place down a barrier just like this, it’s settings should be that it’s not active on game start, visible, whatever you wanna make it look like, disappear when receiving disappear, and to make it visible, make it receive the channel visible. I’ll show you how you’ll get those channels next.

Don’t flag me for the code, it isn’t visible, it’s just a single number, chill down, flag happy people.

Now, change the settings to the zone where if someone steps in it, it transmits visible, and when someone leaves, it transmits disappear.

Nice one. Now, add a counter. Make it go up every time someone goes in the zone. Should look like this. Also make it visible in game. I recommend making the counter go up every time receiving visible.

Heres how it behaves in game.

(Pretend there’s a legendary quantum portal or something over there.)

Hey, look! A free (whatever you wanna put in here)! I better go get it, it’s free after all!

HUH, WHERES MY FREE ITEM!!! Maybe if I go back out then back in it will work…


(Please don’t mind my screenshot taken, lol.)

There you got it, you monster. Your psychologically tricking your friend thinking they’re gonna get something for free but really you’ve trolled them.

(The counter is there for the extra pain on how many times they went in there to try to get it)

Yeah, hope you enjoyed it. I thought this was hilarious so I made this guide. There ya go!

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Noice, maybe add this guide in here:

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Hey… that’s actually a really good idea. Sure, I’ll do it.

So, I didn’t understand what it does (even though it says it in the guide), does it make it so when you leave the barrier disapears, and when you enter, it apears?

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Yep. Your correct! Bingo.

It’ll make your friend confused on why they can’t get a free item, lol. Good troll in my opinion, very fun to prank people with.

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I got an idea, just popped into my mind. I like doing ideas I think of.

A boss fight wiki! It can tell you how to make boss fights and it’s abilities, you can choose from different types.

Should I do it? It can give everyone ideas for a boss fight that has abilities.