I need help making a troll

I need help making a troll but this is all is have
Screenshot 2024-03-24 11.09.30 AM
so basically you step in the 0 and you get this

and when you enter the zone in the walk way it still does not go away

For more check out the trap tag

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I dont need any guides I’m just asking how do I fix it

ohh hey @TorontoBulls1 ive been trying to find you…
you know your profile (by the way i love your profile)
i was going to say can you make me one to but thats a warriors on it pls

Sorry. I thought you wanted more traps. To fix this simply wire the zone to the popup and choose close popup instead of wiring to the trigger

that’s what I did but I just ended up deleting it

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Maybe if i find time. I used pixlr.com and photopea.com

i tried to do it but yours was so much more better

do y’all wanna my padlet if so here you go https://padlet.com/nature_boy_drama/the-lightbulb-crew-cnqx3xljbqpryypp