Sentry Disguise Troll

If Your Map Has Sentries Anywhere, Kind Of Like One Way Out, You Can Use This Prank To Mess With Your Friends.
Step 1:
First, Make A Hole In The Wall, Like One Way Out, That Would Hold The Sentry, But DON’T Put A Sentry There.
Step 2:
Put A Button In A Secret Location That Teleports You To The Empty Spot. Make Sure To Have Both The Teleporter And The Button Not Visible In Game. Make The Button Also Grant You A Weapon Of Your Choice.
Step 3: J0in The Game With Friends, Using This Character: ‎, Or, Go To This Website To Copy And Paste It.
Make Sure Your Sentries In Game Have A Skin That You Have That Isn’t The Basic Sentry, Plant Or Pink Plant Skins.
Step 4: In The Game, Using The Button, Teleport To The Empty Section, But Don’t Move. Wait For Someone To Come Along, And Act Like A Sentry. The Rest Is Up To You. You Could Start Moving, Scaring Them, Or If You Are Good At Using Weapons, You Could Destroy Them, Or A Mix Of Both. Just Beware, Once You Knock Them Out, They Will See You Knocked Them Out Unless You Turn Off Knockout Messages
Final Note: Make SURE That You And The Person You Are Trolling Are On Different Teams, Or Else You Won’t Be Able To Hit Them, And They Will See The Arrow Above Your Head, Indicating You Are On Their Team.
Will Add Pictures Later
That Is It For Now, Happy Trolling!


Nice Guide! I love sentires!

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we no longer use troll due to confusion
trap is the replacement


ok, I will change it

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Nice guide @ModerateCape86! And yeah we might want to inform people on tag changes better.


Nice guide @ModerateCape86!
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@ModerateCape86 I’ll add it to the TUG for traps if you want.

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Also, Interesting Behavior Of The Invisible Characters:
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this is super creative, keep up the good work

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