How to make a banana trap >:3

Bananas are awesome.

monkey approval


it happened on the wix too and I thought I would lighten peeps up a bit with a smol banana guide :3

ah yes, monke

I think this guide needs more pictures

me too lazy as of rn :]
will do laters


You should add this to this tug.
Nice guide!
I can imagine using this to troll my friends haha.

I forgot there was a tug :skull_and_crossbones:
but yeh I might be adding it to dat and deleting this soon i’ll just have to take it into consideration

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@Blackfox45666 I’ll just add it for now

@Morepeko8 Do you know the password to the new ship padlet?

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I might improve upon it some time later by adding funneh details like a flying sentry that just ramps off of something flying somewhere into the players screen hopefully lol


plotting and scheming, eh?

bananas are yummy.
and nice guide…
as a victim to your traps XD


Oh my that’ll be hilarious
Just a sentry animation of it flying across the screen

when they add a sound device you should add crashing noises at the end lmao

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what can I say lol
ur my test subject when it comes to traps >:3

Oooh! Nice trap! I would definitely fall for this… Banana Bunny, remember?

uh oh…
Kat has to look out…



I did not approve.


Honestly, Bananas ARE really good. If it was real life banana… Yum!

I feel like @Blackfox45666 you could make it so it’s a trail of bananas. Heehee.

Someone should make an ice cream trap. That way ice dragons MIGHT fall for them. @Blackfox45666, You might be able to fashion an invisible cage using block code. That would definitely be fun

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How does it feel there using your kind for a trap?

Consent is important when getting tested on!