How to make a banana trap >:3

so this can be ho0ked up to anything
just depends on how you want it to go
so first place down a trigger this will be the thing that activates the trigger loop
you can make have conditions for example like if you only want a player on a certain team to be able to experience this trap you either use a wire repeater or a trigger with block code and make it broadcast on a channel that starts the trigger loop we’re about to make
then make a trigger loop with one trigger having 0.1 delay and one with 0 delay and then wire them to each other like your standard trigger loop
we’ll get back to the block c0de of the 0.1 delay trigger later so first place down a property and a game overlay that is player scoped and set the default property value to 1000 or 500 depending on how fast you want it to go then go back to the 0.1 delay trigger and place this block c0de in it

(the random integer block was from 1-10)
then go back to the game overlay and make a block corresponding to the update channel

now for the final step which is the part where you crash the victims game ever so cruelly >:3
so set a crash questioner to open interface when receiving upon “is here”
(too lazy to explain how to crash someones game with a questioner ._.)
and after that ur done yippee!! :smiley:
whatever you choose to h0ok it up to it should crash ur game once it reaches 0 or below :3
hehheheehhhehehehehe >:3
(also don’t forget ot hook up a banana granter to one of the triggers)


Noice guide :smile:

Cool that you included some of this stuff.
But why so banana-specific?

Bananas have a big fan base if you remember from the fruit guides.
A banana trap is perfect in every way.

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Bananas are awesome.

monkey approval


it happened on the wix too and I thought I would lighten peeps up a bit with a smol banana guide :3

ah yes, monke

I think this guide needs more pictures

me too lazy as of rn :]
will do laters


You should add this to this tug.
Nice guide!
I can imagine using this to troll my friends haha.

I forgot there was a tug :skull_and_crossbones:
but yeh I might be adding it to dat and deleting this soon i’ll just have to take it into consideration

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@Blackfox45666 I’ll just add it for now

@Morepeko8 Do you know the password to the new ship padlet?

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I might improve upon it some time later by adding funneh details like a flying sentry that just ramps off of something flying somewhere into the players screen hopefully lol


plotting and scheming, eh?

bananas are yummy.
and nice guide…
as a victim to your traps XD


Oh my that’ll be hilarious
Just a sentry animation of it flying across the screen

when they add a sound device you should add crashing noises at the end lmao

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what can I say lol
ur my test subject when it comes to traps >:3

Oooh! Nice trap! I would definitely fall for this… Banana Bunny, remember?

uh oh…
Kat has to look out…



I did not approve.


Honestly, Bananas ARE really good. If it was real life banana… Yum!