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The Guide To Everything Bananas!!!

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Cool ways to use the banana

You could transfer that information into other fruits; for example, the opponent of the apple (Banana opponent), orange (Banana opponent), or lemon (Banana ally because it’s yellow). For now though let me tell you the story of the banana on the forums.

The first guide of the great banana is the guide made by Frozen_cursor, of whom made an amazing banana that should be well respected. (If you don’t respect the banana, I’m scared for you). Here is the link:

I use this banana in my map and guide for many reasons because:

  • It’s not laggy
  • It’s flexible
  • It’s unique

There is also another banana guide on the forums so far:

This banana I don’t use as much because it’s meant for Mariokart games, but it’s still a stellar shape to look at. There is one problem with that banana though…
it’s very laggy, so whenever you make it you’ll want to seperate it from the rest of the bunch. So without further ado allow me to show you everything I did banana:

About the banana in Item Images

This banana is a sorta sad banana. It’s biggest size is 8 by 8. Unlike the other 2 bananas introduced so far it can’t reach infinite sizes and heights, but it is easier to mess with.

(By the way the red, white, and blue guy is being watched by the police, please be cautious whenever you see him).
Noce I will show you some examples of things you can do with the banana (Item image):

Banana Circle

Caption: The curviture of the banana allows you to make a ring with it.

Making a banana circle is extremely easy and doesn’t need steps for it because all you do it copy, past, and turn the banana to create that fantastic circle.

Banana Sun

Now you use the last picture of the banana circle to create the banana sun of which is made by copy and pasting bananas. Simply twist them whenever you do it to make it to where they fir withen the lovely circle.

You can also surround the banana circle with bananas, but make sure they do these 2 things. 1: Their brown (Bottem) part points to the banana, and 2: make them curve in one direction.

Banana Honor

Why eat the banana when you can honor it?

This amazing banana is in front of yellow tinited barriers, and on a podium of stone and pillars with bananas supporting it.

Nothing more beautiful exist in all existance — No Cap Cap: March 23, 2024

Some call this banana the most glorious thing in all creation, and I agree — Captain-Moon: March 23, 2075

Yum (Translation: “Yummy”) — Captain-Chompz: Everyday

Smiling Banana

This is pretty simlpe (again). Just need 5 bananas… only if I hadn’t eaten them… anyways, just make 2 the eyes, 2 the eyebrows, and 1 the mouth.

Banana Sentries

Screenshot 2024-04-23 8.25.07 AM
Can you find the hiding Cap?

These sentries are decorated warriors of the banana warriors. They infact have done so much for the empire that they were stared in today’s guide. Give them a round of applouse right now. Even if it’s quiet time and class and you can’t make noise, just clap for them, but anyways.

These banana boys represent monsters of which have bananas formed in ways likes wings and claws which leads me to the next section of this guide.

How to use the banana

Ok, this part of the guide is the most serious part so stay tuned.

The banana is a curved material meaning that when you build with it you have to take into account how the shape might be formed. For example, if you wanted to make a perfect square with the bananas that’d be impossible (unless you change the meaning of square, but please don’t), but you can make a perfect circle with it.

The banana can be used to make many things, but the problem is… you can’t change its color. The only part you can really change is the shape, size, and tilt. This definitly limits our options, but shown above only your imagination limits you, and you imagination can be greatly expanded.

A banana game (Clicker)

I’ll link some guides and tell you what you can change about them to make them truly banananananananana.

Now this guide is a clear opponent of the banana unless we use our opponent to our advantage. Instead of using cookies, we use the great banana. By using terrian art we can make…
Screenshot 2024-04-23 8.34.40 AM
Oh wait… there is no yellow terrian… how about this, though!!!

Using this guide you can make a banana the background instead of a cookie. Guide tip: Make the banana small. It very laggy, but one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

Here we have a guide of which could easily be changed to bananas and the great banana theme so…

This guide explains some good ideas for your Banana Clicker map. The sabotaging is a good idea, but maybe if your game reliazes that someone is singleplayer then you could create a randomizer that randomly steals or the player can steal from it. It would be a lot of work for singleplayer, but remember: Whatever makes your game unique, normally makes it better.

Banana Games (Platformer)

At first you may seem confused and limited. You may feel like all you can do is copy and paste some Frozen Cursor banana, but you can do something greater. You could include everything banana!!! This includes: banana bread, banana pudding, banana flavored ice cream, etc…

And when I say banana bread I mean banana bread:
Screenshot 2024-04-23 9.51.07 AM

There is one problem about banana bread… Item images don’t have collision meaning that an easy to make banana can’t be jumped on, unless you add a barrier.

The Captain-Gim Banana

Now it is that time, that time in the guide when greatness happens, I make my own banana!!!

WARNING: The banana looks weird

Finished Product

First, get snow piles, tabls, hay, and one bike rack.

STEP 1: Place one snow pile (Ignore the Chompz):
Screenshot 2024-04-23 10.09.57 AM

STEP 2: Make the curved banana shape:
Screenshot 2024-04-23 10.10.44 AM

STEP 3: Place yellow table between the piles:
Screenshot 2024-04-23 10.11.19 AM

STEP 4: Place the green and brown hay piles along with the bike rack. (Maybe the Chompz is right)

How to make a functional Banana

You’ve made it! The last section of this guide (Besides the outro that is), and now I will show you what is truly the best part of this guide… the edible banana!!! I will use Frozen Cursor’s banana for this. Just because, and I don’t have a favorite banana either, but I do have a least favorite (Mine).
For now though I will show you to eat a bananananananananananananana!!!

You’ll need:

  • A beautiful banana
  • 4 counters (Adjustable)
  • 1 Button

For the counter set increment counter when Button pressed. Make each counter increase its target. For example, the first counter has a target of 1 and the second 2. Then every time a counter reaches its target make some of the banana disappear.

I will have Captain-Banana show you how to eat it once you’ve made it:

Oh nevermond, he’s full. Maybe he needs some encouragement. wink wink.


Well that concludes this great banana guide. The guide full of great ideas and treats, and I hope you found it “fruitfull.” If I can’t respond fast enough, I’m sorry. If there’s anything else you want me to add or you have ideas, please tell away. Thanks for reading (You better have), have a good day, and pound it noggin, see ya.

Outro Art

Thanks to @VoidFluffy for the fanart!!!

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A guide with a banana troll:

margimkitcreator war banana ideas:

idea. bananana vs carrot.

why do i feel like that gonna start war? i should spoiler it.

idea:banana buffs: bananas that helps you and your ally’s or is against your enemies

idea:banana speed: leave down a banana trail when running.

idea banana damage: fires bananas that do 2x damage and slows and silp the player per hit.

idea banana ability: THE HOLY BANANA ATTACK!

idea banana: banana jumpscare. ehhhhhh let avoid that one. unless you feeling like adding that to traps.

idea banana: banana dance:

idea banana: jump boost goes well with the banana bat.

idea banana thumbnail/art: falling into the banana

idea banana thumbnail/art: completeing to get the banana Idea gotten from the pure gold banana and the 100 mil banana
idea banana thumbnail: teleporting banana?!

idea banana ult. become the banana the pure gold banana

bananana ult b0mb move 1 spawn a banana ult b0mb that cost 10 percent of ur ult radius. 500.

damage 10000000000

survival? 10 percent.

you better hope you on the banana team.

can fill the map with bananas after expl0sion

start with a 1 min cool down and can only be used once per ult.

gold banana speedboost move 2 or side ability always active anyone you touch get tagged and oof and turned into a gold banana anyone that touchs your gold banana trails also take 50 damages silps turn into gold for 10 secs and is frozen. can be saved to end faster

oh IDEA move become big 3 cool down 20 secs u move slow. but u spuish whoever u step on. you can jump/teleport causing a huge radius of 100 also does 100 damage require a different button or double clicking move then clicking where ever u want to perform action you can stomp radius 50 do 100 damage better hope u have shields
your harder to oof during this phase due to u having max HP and shields

that means u automactically heal both shields and HP and u have the max number of shields and hp in ur bar.

this lasts for 50 secs

if u oof u leave a big fall over b00m doing 120 radius damage is instant oof

move 4 shape shifter can disguise as an bad guy carrot or your own team and take their role,ult and their username and gim. has all their ability s and still have urs but can take damage by other carrots. you can invade their base without dying or getting attack by sentrys.

once three times you shape back and gain invisibility and a speed boost.

can cancel at anytime inf durations cool down 1 min.

your ult doesn’t go down during this. but your coolsdowns go down slower.

using your own moves expose you meaning reverting u back for 10 secs before become back into the person u shape shifted into getting hit increases and does the same thing until the third hit.

last one passive become a boss/tank harder to oof everyone against you will probably target u until ur ult runs out.


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