How to Encage Gims in a Box

Here we have a Empty Box.
A Gim comes over to it and nothing happens.
Lets make it a Trap that the Gim cant get out of.

  1. Put an invisible button that is at the center of the box and says: “Peek inside the Box”
  2. Wire the button to an notification that says: “You fell in the box and cant seem to get out!”
  3. Wire the button to a invisible teleporter that is in the Box.
  4. Wire the button to a speed modifier that sets the movement to 0.
  5. Wire the button to a wire repeater.
  6. Wire the wire repeater to the same button that deactivates it.
    Ensure the Box is Infront of the Player and you can lower the Alpha to make the Trapped Gim visible.
    Screenshot (37)
    This is what it should look like when done.

Now you have encaged the Gim inside a Box. Good Job!
Yes i am completely aware of a TUG for traps. I will add it to there when i can.
Sorry if i copied someone else’s Guide.


LOL - Good guide!

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Fella, did you pay attention to the speed modifier?
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I swear omgthis is the last question I’m going to give u before blocking you can you just make it so if the gim walks into it there just stuck the don’t have to peek

Use a zone?
It’s a very convenient device.
Just wire it the same way as the button in the guide.

Thank you :yawning_face: :yawning_face: For the help

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