GIANT Mario Kart banana. [ Difficulty 0/10 ⬜ ]

Use grid snap for best result

Step 1
Screenshot 2024-04-07 8.11.24 AM
form the base like this

Step 2
Screenshot 2024-04-07 8.13.06 AM
start building the sides

Step 3
Screenshot 2024-04-07 8.14.21 AM
build the middle

Step 4
Screenshot 2024-04-07 8.14.53 AM
add the top

Step 5

add the eyes

Step 6

add in the shading

Step 7
Screenshot 2024-04-07 4.35.10 PM

finish by adding the yellow.


None of the screen shots work. :l

This… Looks… AMAZING!!!

Maybe it would look better if you removed the barrier… JUST A SUGGESTION

You might want to remove the preformatted text

Ah, ok now we can see the photos. (Nobody scold me for stating the obvious, trust me I won’t be saying the sky is blue rn next)
Nice guide also.

suggestion for the barrier art,
you might want to remove the barrier outline

the sky is blue

Sorry, I’ll fix that up.

You really copied my reply? :skull:

didn’t see it, sorry.I don’t always read spoiler text

Oh, ok. I just hate when people copy me.

I think it would look better if you could at least make the black outer barriers a little lighter

Sorry I didn’t realize that there were barrier outlines until it was to late…

I thought this was how to make a functional banana… Still a great guide, just not helpful to me right now.

Nice art! Maybe make a more compact version somehow for smaller uses because bananas in Mario kart are not that big. Maybe tinker?

Would a working banana peel be something like:



Kinda. For my purposes, you need to be able to press a button to drop the banana, and the game remembers where you dropped it, and causes you to slip ONLY in that spot.

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I’ll work on shrinking it and a “slipping” function

Also @THEHACKER120 I have never been able to get this to work. How did you get that banana to do that? In all of my games I have had to use an item spawner.

Look in this guide:

Coordinate system. Probably.