The Annoying Cursor Ripoff’s Ultimate Guide To Clicker Games [WIP]

We all love clicker games. Right? Right? Right???* Now I will spill the beans to how I got “successful” in making games.** Anyways, let’s get started because I forgot my lines introduction.

Making the Clicker

There’s already a guide about this by VALUEX:

This was the inspiration for this guide, along with M1dnight’s TUG and my clicker game.


For a good game, we need upgrades!

Loot Crates

If you set goals too high, then you’ll need loot crates. All you need is some buttons and wire repeaters! Oh yeah, and throw a prop in there as well. I keep forgetting my lines…

  1. Make your loot crate launch area and place a button and wire repeater there. Also make a prop invisible at game start.
  2. Wire the button to the wire repeater and back to deactivate it.
  3. Wire the button to the prop from earlier to make it visible and to another button to activate it.
  4. Place down a wire repeater near the button for the loot crate and wire them so the button deactivates once pressed.
  5. For the whole loot crate thing, wire the button near the loot crate to an item granter to grant (an) item(s).


Using the power of relays, we can make sabotages!


Pay your taxes! In real life too. Anyways, you could do taxes on everyone else even the loyal taxpayers or just do it on a random person. For both though, we’ll need relays.

  1. Take a vending machine and wire it to a relay (item purchased → trigger relay).
  2. Wire the relay to a checker (relay trigger → run check), and make the checker check for an amount greater than the item you’re checking for.*
  3. Now, wire the checker to an item granter set to negative amounts (check passes → grant item).**

Optional: Wire the checker back to the relay so when the check fails, it runs back to the relay for a refund

So now you have it, a tax sabotage!

*If you check for the amount to be equal to the amount of the item, like 350, then if the player has, say, 351, then it wouldn’t pass the check despite being legible because of the setting.
**I didn’t change the grant item part to prevent confusion.

Inventory Clear

Now, I would advise that you should do this for a hefty price, because it’s very powerful.

  1. Get a vending machine and wire it to a relay (of course, item purchased → trigger relay). For best results, make it to a random person.
  2. Place down the inventory item managers for the item(s) in your game, and wire the relay to all of them (relay trigger → clear items).

As I said, this is very powerful, so make it for a hefty price or make it for one item.


Optional things to include!


Part 1
In my clicker game, I used a zone system. Once you pass a certain threshold, you can unlock another zone. This is similar to Clicker Heroes, but we’re using a currency system instead of levels. I’m not really gonna tell you how to make it, but if you want my way, here:

  1. Make your area where you can unlock zones, and lock every zone with a barrier.
  2. Take a vending machine and wire it to the barrier (item purchased>deactivate barrier).
  3. Place a teleporter past the barrier.

That’s it! Now it’s time for part 2.

Part 2

  1. Make the teleporter from part 1 and put in a group name. Then duplicate that teleporter and place it in the designated zone.
  2. Start thinking about what it should be. Zones should be unique and have a theme, like a biome.
  3. Once you’ve started construction on your zone, make the parameters, physical and visual.

That’s my take on clicker games.

*My ELA teacher apparently is against clicker games in her house. (She’s a funny teacher).
**I wasn’t actually successful because I only got 142 plays at my peak, while others can get to 1,000, 5,000, and ClicClac got to 60,000. And who knows how much TFG got.


I cant wait until this is finished!
I wanna see the final product :smiley:

if you want to save more drafts I suggest keeping them in google docs

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Nice guide!

Hello I’m new here and was wondering how to create a game. My students suggested that I sign up for gimkit and we have played other games but I need to make my own.

Make a help topic please, @Dinosaurtoothpaste

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Thank you so much! This real helped me

Nice guide! Personally, I think that clicker games make for an amazing minigame, but you do you. Don’t mind me with 60K plays on GK8