What are the craziest ideas one can manifest? Well, let's see

OH MY GOD! YES. 100% YES. That is a FANTASTIC idea.

There’s a particularly large stack of cash lying about on the floor somewhere. If one is to take from it, they are to receive some. However, if one is greedy enough to take from the stash 3 times, they shall be met with an explosive object which shall immediately detonate in their face.

Yes, great idea. The classic, haha go back to where you started so you can waste your time for countless useless hours.


One of my favorite ones so far.

brings out guide:

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I’ve read this, but I like you guy’s ideas better. But if I need more, this will be perfect.

Since the way teleporters teleport you got updated to be much more seamless, why don’t you make an endless hallway, but only in one direction? If they walk for long enough, they hit a zone. That zone teleports them back to a teleporter earlier in the hallway, so they’ll rewalk into the teleporter if they don’t turn around.



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create a maze that doesn’t have an exit

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that is a EVIL GENIUS IDEA!!!


adding on to bananas idea: once you enter you can’t go back…

Great idea you though of!

Adding on the maze, add Super hard Sentries, and when the player is desperate and finally reaches the “exit”, have them teleport at the beginning of the hallow of the exit. if they try to escape for a 3rd time, slap them shut in a cage and make them watch a rick roll that was provided earlier in the discussion. Also, have the real exit hidden in the beginning. >:)

How’s that for evil???

Recreate the entirety of Hypixel in Gimkit.

FNaF but completely accurate (includes things like how Foxy works)

Edit: C R E A T E A C U S T O M S O U N D T R A C K I N G I M K I T

i dont think she is looking for game ideas rather mechanics/gimmick ideas

room of the vanity?
:performing_arts:this emoji in front of a mirror emoji
you can talk to it through pop-ups and it will relay some of life’s biggest burdens
walk up to a closet and click a button that teleports you into a room
its a walk in closet with trophies and dresses, riches of all sorts
click buttons on top of scrolls and pages that have poetry and scribbled excerpts
(whatever you like)
find a golden key inside of this room
use it to unlock a hidden vent
when opened reveal (teleport the player) a room of dolls :dolls::nesting_dolls: and candles :candle::wilted_flower:
(maybe a fortune ball🔮)
include a paper with a scribbled mantra on it
have a stone holding two objects ritual linked objects (:hamsa::nazar_amulet:) -Lofi


Make it so every second in the game there is a 1% chance they will be sent to a backrooms looking place :smiling_imp:

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