What are the craziest ideas one can manifest? Well, let's see

Hey all of you creative folks out there, how would you like a chance to express all of your ideas for a game? Go wild, go crazy, go completely nuts. Let’s see what you got. My game is a game BASED off sabotage. And, the fun thing is, most of the time, they don’t even know what they are about to do. This game is all “risk and reward”. The team with the most keycards by the end wins. Let’s see what the creative, yet mischievous minds of Gimkit Creative will manifest.

(That was supposed to sound like an intro to something like the hunger games… Super sorry if it was cringe… Just come up with some cool ideas. Good or bad ideas work for me.)


A room of buttons. They do nothing. This is what happens when you a secret button. And then you get tortured by buttons. Forever.


Sublime idea. For how long shall this last?

(I love accents)

Put a vending machine that needs watermelon next to a box of fruit then make a pop-up that says, “I need watermelon. Ooh look a box of them right there.” But you get a banana, not a watermelon.

Marvelous. Why would a player need a meer watermelon?

'cause the shop name is “random junk for a random price.”

Is there a specific reason a player would have a desire to go to this “random junk shop”?

Would you rather go to Pick ‘n’ Save?

I do not believe I have heard word of this… “Pick ‘n’ Save”

troll npc that you can talk to (through popups). if you click the call to action you are trapped in a room for a specific amount of time. after that amount of time you get an energy bar. the energy bar can be turned in for a speed potion (somewhere in the nowhere). (the potion would not actually be visible just pretend that the player drinks it right after purchase. unless you do make it visible and there is props and buttons.) when the potion is consumed the player gets 0.5x speed. was this too much writing…?

Sensational. ABSOLUTELY sensational.

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TYSM!!! I’m always full of ideas (I have a notebook and took up 5 pages just for lore in a game idea).

OMG! That’s awesome. What game do you have all that lore for?

Unreleased game. haven’t even created the map for it yet because I am working on something else. it’s called: Gimmiꓘx

That sounds awesome! I’l definitely check it out when it’s released. What are you working on now?

a simple but repetitive tycoon game. I always have current project in my full bio. btw Gimmiꓘx is no pun intended and is an escape room type game

Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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there is a art guide on how to make rick Astley. Make it and then add arms that move using wire repeaters to make the arms move, so it looks like he is rick rolling you…


So you want an unusual mechanic…hmm. How about you are given a weapon, but every second the weapon changes, so you never know what you are firing off. Furthermore, how about a npc that gives you a task to bring back an apple. You take the apple and bring it to him, only to realize that the apple is no longer there, and said apple is back in the starting place.

just put a pile of bread in the most out of place area you have e.g underwater, in the corner of a basement, maybe even in the final boss room. the point is, put it where nobody expects it