The most evil prank

This prank is extremely evil, so only use it if you are extremely annoyed with your friend. Now, it may seem harmless, having a random Popup pop up on your screen at random intervals, but it is so much worse. If you have forgotten to change the batteries in a smoke alarm, it beeps. It is worse when you cannot find the smoke alarm and it beeps constantly until you do something about it. This is the same thing but in Gimkit.

==Materials Needed:==

  • 1 Popup
  • 1 Repeater
  • 1 Trigger

First, place down a Trigger, and change the following settings. This will ensure the Trigger can only be triggered once.

Next, create a Popup that just has the word “BEEP” on it. Once you do that you should have something like this:

Finally, add a Repeater with these settings on it and you are good to go.

The last thing is to wire the Trigger to the Repeater, then wire the Repeater to the Popup and you should wire them like so:

You now have a prank that you can use to troll your friends, and they will have no idea what is causing it or how to make it stop.


uh popup trolling
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This is evil but you’re not the first person to think of this :eyes:

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well, whenever I try to troll my friends they always exit out the tab and get revenge on me…

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Wow! Nice guide!
Insanely evil! (But this sounds like something anyone would have come up with already)
I applaud the effort, though! :clap:

thats why you do something small and seemngly unnoticable so they dont realize it and you get a advantage or where it happens for everyone and you know how to fix/use it to win without others realizing it.

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great guide! @I_Am_Bigfoot !

i second that! great idea its really fun to add and imagine the pranks that can be built!


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