Not sure what to do

I’m not sure what to add in terms of obstacles for my castle one way out editon map also when will Josh release the new gaemmode because their is no leaks about it

  1. Add an amalgam of sentries as a boss.
  2. No idea.

I mean i have sentries but that is too easy but i made balstball puzzle arena 222 also how do i stop someone from publishing inapropiate map not following igmkit guidelines what so ever the’ll get theri account terminated

From what I can read, just contact if the map is inappropriate

here, maybe this will help?

also, make sure not to ask when new game modes release, that can get flagged by people. just a friendly heads up!

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if you need obstacles a good one is a maze and to spice up the maze put hidden enemys or moving walls, another one is side quest really distracting, and my final one is maybe make a dark room to traverse