How To Create An Infinite Hallway! [Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩]

P.S. did you know the music that plays while running up it in game is the same scale, just at higher pitches?

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Probably. No idea what your talking about, I know SM64 but probably.

But the hey lets give up, no maybe we are almost there can only go so long.

It’s a staircase. That seems like is never ends. But it does. After a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

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seems similar to the PS99 one.

Use a counter, and basically every time you reach the end of the small stair, add one.

When it reaches a a certain target, for example, 100, make it so you reach the end


that’s cruel, but if they think there’s an end, then they’ll keep going for quite a while.

Emphasize on the word “think”


was this added to this utg yet? it should be, it’s so evil… heh-heh-heh…

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well come on it would be kinda funny to spectate and watch them just going on and on

especially if they were a mean person


Even tell them there’s a free cash prize at the end…

“You either die kind, or live to see yourself become the villain.”

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Just saw this guide now… nice guide

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Wow. I thought this would be a super weird pseudo generation thing.
I’m stupid, aren’t I?

You could put a barrier under the bottom one and above the top one

bump! (good guide btw)

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But why would you need this? Idk I’m just curios

It’s a fun troll for people.
Also, this guide was made in a time when it wouldn’t be considered unnecessary.
I miss those days…
And I miss the days when Cheese was actually active.

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Reusable bump for the future:

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This is so evil… I’m so using this.

Im using this for a story game

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Reusable bump doesn’t work anymore because new replies.

you aren’t a regular so you can’t make wikis…

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