How to make a trap of ultimate evil!

Hello! Today I’ll be showing you how to make a trap of pure evil!

  1. You’re going to want to make a 7x7 box out of terrain, it can be anything! I’m going to use Metallic (dark).
  2. Then make a zone and make it cover the entire 7x7 area
  3. Place down a speed modifier, set the configured speed to 0.1
  4. Wire the zone to the speed modifier, When the player enters zone → Set player to configured speed

Now whenever a player enters that zone they will go super slow!

  1. Place down a sentry, set his health to 999 and his shield to 999, aim and fire rate to max, then give him a quantum portal. Slap him bottom of your 7x7 box.

  2. Take the barrier , make it black and size it to fit your doorway.

  3. Wire the zone to the barrier

  4. Place a lifecycle,set the action to: player knocked out.

  5. Place a team switcher, set it to a specific team and spectator.

  6. Wire up the life cycle to the team switcher.
    When a player is knocked out → set the team to spectators.

Now when eliminated a player can’t re spawn.
11. Place down another life cycle: when games start
12. Wire up that life cycle to the barrier When Event happens → deactivate barrier.
13. Wire up that same life cycle to the barrier
14. When player enters zone → activate barrier

And you’re done!

(its my fist guide, tell me if you like it in the comments, pictures are coming soon!
Even though this is a pretty original guide, I will credit @blizzy for a similar guide )


Remember: pictures are powerful! (cant post a link rn lol ill get it) here it is: [ 📢 PSA!] Pictures are powerful!

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Me not looking, lol. Noice guide though!

Thanks! Its my first guide so I really appreciate it.


You joined in September and you haven’t made a guide till now?! shocking…

I’ve been here pretty long lol. I have not had the gut to.
Lets get in topic now.

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Great Guide!

We do have other guides like this; for example:

But this is still pretty neat!

Good job!


Thanks, should I credit this guide? I do not want to add to downfall of these forums…


Uhm, I don’t think you need to, since this is pretty original…

But it’ll probably be better if you do, just in case. (In my opinion)

should I put it in the title?

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Nah, credit in the actual guide should be good-

People who credit others in the title make their topic’s title unnecessarily long

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Thanks for the credit! Great original guide, of course!

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