Random Scenarios for Dont press the button

Could people give me ideas for scenarios since I want this to have a lot of scenarios I will put your credits in the game and actually maybe make the credits a scenario XD


Good or Bad Scenarios?

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Rising lava, poisonous clouds, random coin drop, spinning laser, the possibilities are endless (quite literally)


Well Both just not a random player dies one

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Probably want to look through this guide for some time:

I suggest:

  • Pitch black
  • Random items
  • Slown
  • Speed

Teleported to a room filled will Zombies Sentries.

Well that took a twisted turn >=)

heheh Great idea!!! WWHAHWAHWAHWHAWHAH


This topic might help.

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Make a random person teleported to a room with lots of text and make everything pitch black and a pitch black maze. (Note - I will take up a lot of memory)

I get that the possibilities are endless but I want the opinions of my fellow pranksters or helpers

Make it where there’s a sentry that can’t attack but has max hp and the button presser only has a common zapper :smiling_imp:

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I mean the “possibilities are endless” is the room


My lord that is genius but will my people bored… A HAAA if you do not kill it before 20 seconds it will attack you at max accuracy and everything maxed and or it spawns in a lot of sentries

That’s impossible. You can’t kill that quickly unless you have instant reload.

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Use lasers to add more damage

The server all has to collect a certain item but there are only [amount of players] - 1 of the item so one person will die/be eliminated. Maybe repeat this process multiple times if elimination isn’t a thing in your game until someone is crowned the winner. Then, they get free stuff or a boost.

thats why its evil!! >=)

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we should do a padlet for this anyone want to j oin?

bitte? / please. please mind my german I do not want duolingo taking my family


I could j0in, even though I haven’t replied doesn’t mean I don’t have ideas.