Crafting Table Troll: Transformers [3/10]

I have no idea for a intro so lets jump into it.

What you will need

1x Crafting Table
1x Crafting Recipe
2x Item Granters

The Steps
  1. Get out a Crafting Table. Set the group to “CraftingTable”
  2. Get out a Crafting Recipe. Set the group to “CraftingTable” and make it craftable, the stronger the Gadget the better the troll. (Ex: Have a legendary Quantum portal crafted from a lottery ticket)
  3. Place down 2 item granters. Have one Remove 1 of the granted gadget and the other grant 1 of a way worse gadget (Ex: if the crafted Gadget is a Legendary Quantum Portal, have the remover remove the Quantum portal from the players inventory and have the other grant 1 common P.M.L)
  4. Wire the crafting table to BOTH item granters. Both wires should have the same system:
Item collected > Grant item

You are done!

Finished Product (assuming the gadgets involved are the Legendary Quantum Portal and the Common P.M.L):

Screenshot (46)
Low Quality Image Lol

How this works is basically that when the Legendary Quantum Portal is collected, the pulses to the item granters removes the Legendary Quantum Portal and Replaces it with the Common P.M.L

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lol this is clever
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Just saw your guide:

very funny, lol. What if I craft a legendary evil eye, then get a common wooden wand lol.

Nice guide! It’s really creative, and has lots of work put into it!


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