Funny Traps For Your Games

These traps are easy and effective. They also require very little resources and time. Have fun!!!

Gim bucks troll

Items needed: Waypoint and button.
First place your button and call it FREE GIMBUCKS, then go to button pressed transmit on and call it FREE GIMBUCKS.
Screenshot 2024-05-06 5.36.20 PM
Then go to your waypoint and call it The guy who got tricked or bro got tricked also set the target to player.
Screenshot 2024-05-06 6.13.01 PM

finally go to start following player when receiving on and set it to FREE GIMCOINS.
So in the game when they see the button and click it the waypoint will follow the player.

Early Morning

Items needed :bed, button, speed modifier, popup x3 and one barrier
First lay down your bed and put your button by it.
Screenshot 2024-05-06 5.46.49 PM
Then click on the button and change the button message to Sleep through the night.
Next place down your barrier and turn the color to black also change active on game start to no. Wire your button to your barrier and click button pressed activate barrier.

Now place all your popups and in the
first ones header text write, I want to go to bed its getting dark. Wire the button to the popup and click button pressed open popup.

Place down your other popups and in the second popup write zzzzzz. Then wire your first popup to your second and click popup closed open popup.

Then on the third popup write, now it’s time to get up but I feel too tired to walk wire the 2nd popup to the 3rd and click popup closed open popup. And here’s where the speed modifier comes in, first place it down and set the speed to 0.10.
Screenshot 2024-05-06 6.02.30 PM
Now wire the 3rd popup and click popup closed set configured speed.

Now wire the popup to the barrier and click popup closed deactivate barrier.

Last but not least go to change size and make the barrier as big as your screen this will make it look like night time.

That’s all hope you like my guide!!!

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theres a wiki for traps so this is unneeded

just edit the wiki

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Maybe add them to this guide instead

The Ultimate Guide to Traps, Tricks, Pranks, and Trolls [LENGTH WARNING :smiling_imp: ]

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Pls cross out the code

There’s a ginormous guide on traps already, this is unneeded.

I added it to it so stop commenting

unless you have something positive to say

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nice trap

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nice guide! I think it would be nice to add that you will probably need another player for the first one. also its gimbucks not gimcoins

Kinda a trigger for me lol!

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Notes just so you know.

1: There is stuff on here. Either make it credited, don’t publish it, put it in the wiki itself, or just do nothing and get it flagged.

2: This is important DO NOT SHOW THAT NUMBER (the 5382254) You aren’t allowed to do that from code-posting just informing you

3: Its gimbucks and only the Du |/| B 3 st of them will fall for it. You can’t grant gimbucks unless it’s by gaining a level, which is only accessible by answering questions.

I’m not trying to be rude, so I hope this helps Yeah my tone is rude