How to trap your friends infinitely

  1. Set up 4 barriers in a square. (Make sure to leave a good sized gap in the middle)
  2. Place a Zone. The smaller the size, the better!
  3. Use Wires to link the zone to the barriers. (Click “Player enters zone” then “Activate Barrier”
  4. Set the barriers to “No” on “Active On Game Start” in the “Featured” tab.
  5. Its finished! When the player enters the zone, the barriers are activated and the player is trapped! Mwahaha!
    Screenshot 2023-12-04 10.42.15 AM

very short, and already guides on it

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Yeah, there’s a lot fo guides on this, and like he said, put the trap tag on it. But nice guide!

I said this in my guide for traps

Also I added the trap tag.


Nice guide!

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what would be more evil is to make it so whenever you enter the zone, the barriers deactivate and when you leave the zone, the barriers reactivate

just make sure the players are like stuck in there like using a one-way teleporter


Nice guide, @thatOneCringe

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Like those door traps in Minecraft!


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Okay, guys. This is my first post. First, here are the materials for the Appearing Barrier Trap.

  • Four Barriers. Make them thick, and put them in a square shape.

  • 4-5 Zones. (More Details Later)

  • (Optional) Speed Modifier and a Respawn.

  • Four Wire Repeaters.

Okay, now that we have those, we set up the zones. Make sure that the edges of the zones are only hitting about three of them. (The zones should be narrow, but not too narrow, because sometimes there is a delay). Set the four wire repeaters by it’s corresponding barrier.
So far it should look like this:
Screenshot 2024-03-04 10.47.33
Make sure the barrier is off on game start, or people won’t be able to get in.
Wire the barriers so when someone enters the zones it is matched to, it activates the barrier.

Do this to all of them.
Now, wire the zones to the repeaters so that when they leave the zones, it will deactivate the barrier. (Make sure that the barrier is close to the zone, so that they can’t go out the other way.)
The set each of the wire repeaters to the corresponding barrier, telling it to deactivate it. Now it should look like this:
Screenshot 2024-03-04 10.54.10
You’re Done! It is now impossible to get through. Anything past here is optional.
You can:
-Make a fifth zone covering the whole trap that connects to a wire repeater with a delay on it, probably for about 30 seconds. Then connect the wire repeaters to a Respawn. That way, after 30 seconds of being in the cage, it will Respawn you.

-Double the wire repeaters. Make it so the zone for each wire repeaters connects both the “Enters Zone” and “Leaves Zone” connects to separate wire repeaters. (Enter connects to activate barrier, leaves goes to deactivate.) Then you can change all the wire repeaters settings so that they only respond to one team, say team two. This makes it so anyone from team 1 or team 3 can just walk through, but anyone from team 2 will get trapped.

-Make a speed modifier. With the fifth barrier that has the respawn delay, you can wire the zone to the speed modifier, preferably with a speed of .75 or less, to make sure that people can’t go too fast towards the barriers and glitch through.
Thank you for listening! Please give this a like!