Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)

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  • Among Us - This is a pretty popular idea with users and I can see why. Not only does Gimkit feel like it could set it up, but gims also look like among us characters (or at least to me).

  • Battle Royale - Again pretty generic, but it’s funny and pretty easy to create and there are many guides on it.

  • Pokémon - this one is generic but not very easy to do and I would recommend it for gims looking for a challenge.

  • Tag - This is pretty simple as there are even devices set up for it, but it’s fun no the less.

  • Capture the flag - Again, really simple to make but also a good time to play.

  • A Dungeon Crawler - You may notice that, again, this is a generic idea. But it is still a fun thing to play and there are many guides on it.

  • Some complicated program - Maybe you’re looking for a real challenge. Then why don’t you try making something like @Blackhole927 has.

  • Offical Gimkit game modes - Why don’t you try to recreate one of Gimkit’s amazing 2d game modes?

  • Open World RPG’s - This could be a fun time and you could even implement side quests or funny NPCs.

  • Escape Rooms - similar to one way out, you could create a map where you have to escape from it as fast as you can. You could maybe even put a few Easter eggs in.

  • Minecraft - While this could be complicated, there are many different guides on the forum for this.

  • Simulator Games - Maybe you could make a game about running a shop or a city sim.

  • Cops and Robbers - A fun classical game that’s a perfect fit for a map. You might even be able to add some fun twists like letting robbers rob a bank.

  • Infection - A game similar to snowy survival and tag, it’s both a fun and stressful game.

  • Survival Game - One person has to move a large map while the other players attempt to chase the down. It’s a fun and competitive game that is very fun to create.

  • Laser Tag - This would be similar to Snowbrawl but with a more futuristic design. You could use zappers instead of snow ball launchers and create a much more modernized feel.

  • A tycoon game - A simple classic game where your goal is to get money. A fun game and a very fun time.

  • A clicker game - while these can be complicated and a challenge, they are fun and there are several guides on the forum for this.

  • Stealth/Infiltration game - You can give the player a weak weapon opand have to get through a course full of dangerous sentries with OKO weapons.

  • A first person shooter - ask @getrithekd how to do this because I have no idea. Would be cool though.

  • Team Battle - Maybe you can expand the lore of Tag and Capture the flag and create your own fan-fiction of echo vs vortex.

  • Bed wars - This is a sub division of Minecraft and is one of the more common games used with the intent of looking like Minecraft.

  • Speed Run - You could create a game where, the whole intent is to find as fast as possible. You could use sentry’s with quantum portals, lasers, and whatever you can think of!

  • Farming games - Similar to one of gimkit’s official game modes, you could add on to this idea and change it a lot. You could even expand so that there is a city added in.

  • Fishing sim - You may notice that this is about the same as an earlier suggestion, recreate official game modes. But here I’m suggesting to make it your own and to change it up. For instance you could add the ability to swim like in animal crossing to find better fish.

  • Animal Crossing Style - You could create a map where you build up a community and collect different species. You could mix farming with fishing and simulator games to create a very fun experience.

  • Keep Away - Using tag zones, you can create a fun game where the goal is to tag the person with the item and keep for as long as possible.

  • Halloween games - perhaps you could create a spooky map full of creepy art.

  • Other Holiday Games - Perhaps a game where you need to deliver valentines to houses or find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  • Rhythm games - it’s probably possible to make it so you have to move to activate certain triggers and create a silent beat. (No sound modifier :frowning:)(buuuut you can now change the music of the game :grin: )

  • Choose-your-own-adventure - when times are complicated, just relax and have a user choose between two options each with a different outcome.

  • Geometry Dash - a fun and fast paced game, it’s not very easy to make, but there are many guides for it on the forum.

  • Flappy Bird - similar to geometry dash, but the obstacles are everywhere!

  • 2.5D - this is probably possible and it’s basically just 2D that looks 3D.

  • Red Light Green Light - A children’s game that could be recreated using movement meters and a button that would auto kill those moving.

  • Dodgeball - two teams are stuck on different sides, having to pick up ammo and firing zappers at the other team.

  • Board Game recreations - Maybe you can create Sorry or Monopoly and show off your map making skills, and your skill at board games.

  • D&D - for those of you who don’t understand, D&D is the worlds most popular role-playing game and is a fun time all round. ( I myself play it)

  • An Art Exhibit - Why don’t you show off your art skills with a full on map dedicated to them?

  • Horror Games - Using tinted and transparent barriers, you can create a spooky atmosphere and terrify your chracters.

  • Hide n’ Seek - Why don’t you challange your friends to a game of hide and seek?

  • Crime life - like GTA you can move around an open world and be as chaotic as you want.

  • Coding tutorial - A bit complicated, but you could use barriers to represent the code and have the player make different things happen.

  • Protect the sentry - how about you make a game where you have to protect a sentry from your friends and make sure no one can knock it out.

  • Minigames - create a small game like tic-tac-toe or rock paper scissors. You could even create one world filled with many of these!

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s - One of the worlds favorite horror games, why don’t you try to get in on the action? It’s a , but why not rise to it? (Now known copyrighted, don’t name it that)

  • King of the hill - using a zone, you can have people fight over the top spot of a hill and attempt to assert dominance.

  • Maze - why don’t you try to frustrate and annoy your friends as you make them get lost in a maze.

  • Escape the hunter - have players go through a map, maybe trying to fix something to allow an exit to open, all while running from a hunter who will be hot on their trail the whole time. (Snowy survival but upgraded)


Nice guide! You might want to add photos as examples (as not to get flagged)


I thought that was for shorter guides that don’t have much information.


This is a longish guide, but who knows these days? And i think photos would enhance it, if you provided examples.


Do you have any map ideas I should add, though?


Cops and robbers, idk
Currently im making a sorta snowy survival/just survive but not completely open world i really have no ideas but it isn’t really infection its just a ffa survival not open world


I think I’ll add all of those ideas.


what if I did all of those? then what do I make then. I have been a bit empty minded and not sure what to make.


Lasar tag? that would be a fun idea.


I made a laser tag as the official gimkit like gamemode


Nice, does it work well?


Yeah its fully playable. I made it for my class.


Thats great, you should make a guide on how to make the full game. People would like that.


That’s a good idea


I’ll add laser tag to it and a description of it.


Tycoon game would be an idea, and clicker games. Also:
I removed the ideas tag because it is mainly used for people searching for ideas in the help requests.


Okay that’s fine. I added the two ideas you just said.


I’ll avoid adding the ideas tag to stuff like this guide in the future.


How about infiltration games? Those are a lot of fun to play and make. I know someone who’s convinced Metal Gear Solid is the greatest game of all time


why would you get flagged for that?