I need some ideas for a gimkit creative map!

I really need ideas for a map, because I’m running out of brain juice, and I really need to “borrow” some of your guys’. Down below is a list of the game modes that I already tried to make or I don’t want to make, or I can’t make.

Battle Royale

The main reason I don’t like using battle royale maps is because you have to have a lot of players or friends, and I have a lot of friends but they don’t use Gimkit that much, so this one is ELIMINATED :x:

Already a game mode

This should be self-explanatory, but if not, I don’t want to make something that already exists! If it already exists then, BOOM! there you go, we don’t need Fishtopia 2 guys, come on. ELIMINATED :x:


RPG is a good idea, it’s just I am not creative enough to make a story for one, also the only RPG you can do is a space one because of the weapons, so Medival is out of the question, plus I like Medivel. ELIMINATED :x:

Lore Game

I would like to do a lore game because I love lore, but if it’s mainly based on lore then there would probably be no gameplay, and if it’s gimkit creative it should have gameplay, am I right? ELIMINATED :x:


I was thinking about doing this but i couldn’t come up with any ideas for a tycoon, i you have any leave them down below. MAYBE :heavy_check_mark:/:x:

And these are all of the ideas I have for gimkit creative, if you have any please leave them in the comments! :+1: :heart:

Also! Merry Christmas everyone! :gift::santa::christmas_tree:

A lore game doesn’t be always have to be fully made out of lore.
That’s not that interesting.
For example, take a look at One Way Out.
It’s not entirely made out of lore, it is just optional for players who are very good at finding hidden clues.

Maybe a Dungeon Crawler or Game-Recreation?

This might help

I am litterally making a huge at least 90 things guide gimme a sec

My guide of 100 ideas

Thank you for all of the help, I just have one question. What do you mean by, “Game-Recreation”?

A recreation of another game.
Quite popular on the forums

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Like a gimkit mode, or like a real game like Minecraft or Fortnite?


One more thing, since the topic is about ideas, should I mark a solution still?

Yes to Real Game, or Gimkit Mode?

Probably yes he means both.


Thank you so much for all of your ideas, they will definetly help with my search!

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A hotel tycoon where you can serve the customers and buy rooms for them


I like that idea, thank you very much.

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Please don’t necopost

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Good luck on your gimkit journey!