What Game should I make? How about one of these: (@JoeTheChicken's Map & Theme Ideas)

Before we get started, let me credit @WhereIsMyHat for the original post. I tried not to take ideas from his post, but a lot of the same things will be found on this guide.
(The link to their guide can be found here).

When you’re making a game, there are 2 things you need to think of before you make it:

  • What do I make?
  • What is it about?

In this guide, you’ll be able to get an answer to these 2 questions. Ready? Lets go!

(* = Help article)

Game Ideas

I decided to split up the games that you could make into different sections. This way you could find a certain idea faster.

Team Games

Free For All Games

Collaboration / Calm Games

Theme Ideas

There aren’t any links for these because not many topics involve decorations. If you want your decoration topic to be added to one of these themes, please comment!

Outside Society

  • Plains
  • Desert
  • Savanna
  • Cave
  • Mountain
  • Snowy
  • Swamp
  • Moon
  • Space
  • Beach
  • Jungle

Inside Society

  • House
  • School
  • Library
  • Castle
  • Prison
  • City
  • Lab
  • Sewers
  • Medieval Kingdom
  • Spaceship
  • Gym
  • Temple


  • Alien Planet
  • Alien Civilization
  • Underworld
  • Fantasy Woods
  • Fantasy Caves
  • Fantasy Civilization


As I said before, if you have anything that you think should be added, please do add them in the comments. Also, if you have guides that fit some of these themes or games, comment them as well. I hope you’re inspired. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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Wow, very good and helpful!

Yay! Finally someone knows what ghost in the graveyard is! You are gonna inspire me to make some more guides! Great guide!

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I may borrow some of the things you add for mine just in case I missed anything. Do you mind?

Yeah, I’ve decided, time to make ghost in the graveyard! Hopefully Ill make a guide on it.

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yeah I don’t really mind. You did let me do stuff

I’m going to make a guide on choose your own adventure and keep away as soon as I have the chance.

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This is way more organized than mine. Mine is just bullet points, a title, and an explanation.

Nice guide, very big though.

Nice guide! I’m probably going to use this in the future!

Considering I probably covered a lot of ideas it’d be hard to not to have similar ideas on here. I love the organization and the theme and location ideas.

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Here’s the link to my choose-your-own-adventure guide.

also the ideas is for Help posts.

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Nice, but where’s FNaF?

On my guide.

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I made a keep-away guide.

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@Haiasi no I meant to reply here (would have been awkward if I hadn’t)

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Very kewl Guide

Hi there! Sorry I’m a little late. There’s a work in progress guide for ghosts in the grave yard!


BUMPPPPP so the forums maybe can get some ideas, its a bit dry here… so maybe this would help