How to Get Ranks at the End of a Race 🟨

Wanted to make a racing game in gimkit but unsure on how to get the rank the players when they finish? Well this is the guide for you! This guide will show you how to rank players from how quickly they get to the end of a race.

Devices Needed:

1x Laser
1x Counter
1x Property
2+ Text (Depends on the number of players)


First we’ll make the tripwire that will be the finish line for the race. I used a laser and recommend using a laser as they take up less memory, and work perfectly for this.
Make sure Damage Dealt is at 0 (otherwise it will damage players), and Laser Scope is set to Player. And make When player hit, transmit on to send on channel RaceFinished, and Deactivate when Receiving on to RaceFinished. This will make it so the finish line is deactivated for the player when they cross it. Lastly, you can make the laser inivisible if you wish by setting all of the Show ____ options to No, and making the Laser Color black… The settings should look like this:
Screenshot 2023-07-15 20.09.54
Screenshot 2023-07-15 20.10.19

Next, place down a property. Name it RacingRank, make the Property Type a number property, and make the Scope player.

Alright, now place down a counter. Make it Not Visible In-Game, and make it Update Property RacingRank.

Wire the laser to the counter, Player hit by Laser → Increment Counter.

And that’s all you need for actually giving each player a rank! Surprisingly simple, but this will increment the counter, and update the RacingRank property. Because the counter scope is set to global, but the Property’s scope is set to Player, it will keep increasing the rank the more players cross the finish, but give each player their own rank.

Now, we’ll make the display of rankings. Place down some text. The only setting you should have to change is probably the text, so it doesn’t say “Text Here” before the player ranks. Just make it say "First: " or something like that. Next, create a block On Wire Pulse. Make it look like this:
This will set the text to the player’s name who got first in the race. Now, this does only apply to one player, the player who got first. Copy this text for each rank, only changing the ‘1’ and ‘first’. For example, second and third would look like this:

Wire the laser to each text, Player Hit by Laser → Wire Pulse. Place the texts in a row, and on a board that all players will see.
Overall, it should look like this:

And that is it for giving players racing ranks! I hope you found this guide helpful, a :heart: would always be appreciated. Have fun!


Now, I made this guide for ranking the players when they finish a race, but using this same setup, you can use it to rank players when they are racing. It just wasn’t enough to make a whole new guide on it, but too much to also put in this guide, so I’ll put it here.

Get rid of the text and place a text overlay instead. Make sure to set the scope to player, and create a block when receiving on RaceFInished (they’re not finishing the race, but that’s just the channel the laser sends on when it hits a player). Make sure it looks like this:

You can do this for however many ranks you want, I just did first, second, and third.

And now all you have to do is copy the laser, and counter! You can keep just that one property, and overlay. Also, I added a wire repeater to each laser because since they all deactivated on RaceFinished, and we don’t want that, I got rid of the “Deactivate when receiving on”, and just wired each laser to a wire repeater. Player hit by laser → Repeat Wire Pulse. When Wire repeater receives a pulse →Deactivate Laser. The more laser counter things you copy, the more accurate the ranks will be, but the more memory it will take up. Ok, hope this helped!


That was similar to the idea here! Great Guide!




THANK YOU. Now I can focus on drifting and PRB…


Great guide, @Im_Pretty_Cool!


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What’s PRB? Proud Racing Bananas?


Prolonged Rocket Boost


Oh okay. That would need a lot of work. Zones, perhaps?


Wouldn’t a PRB just be increasing your speed for a bit, then resetting it to your original speed hopefully stored in a property somehwere?

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Yes, but zones to figure out the movement for the boost (Starting on 2)

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No wait: barrier, inventory item manager/checker detecting 0 of a certain item
Alright, in theory:
add barriers around the start
movement meters
If the player runs out of the boost item in the time of counting down from 2 to 1, set speed to 1.5 for ____ seconds.
Movement meters activate on 2 and deactivate on race start.

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