How can I make a leaderboard?

I want to make a leaderboard with an overlay. I know that you could update the text in some way with blocks but I’m not exactly sure how to do it.

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Like this?

@BlueBear You can get the guide @mysz commented, but instead, make it update a property instead of text. Then, in the overlay, make the blocks something like this:


Hope this helps!

how do i remove the background of the text interval as i wount to make it into simple text

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Screenshot 2023-08-15 7.52.22 PM

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Edit: also wdym by “background of the text interval”? @Sm0keSkreen

Even if it wasn’t suspended, the owner decided to discontinue it. Welcome to the community!

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ok so you know how on the counter there is a screen around the text That is what I want to remove @Vortex-Mist

Oh, the number the counter counts? No, that’s impossible…

Connect the counter to a property, and tell a piece of text to set itself to that property when the counter gets updated. Again, nothing is impossible in GKC.