How to Get Ranks at the End of a Race 🟨

I already had Rocket Start down. The funny thing is, PRB is a bug in Mario Kart DS. It’s also a state, not a speed. Thanks for trying to help, though!


I have no idea what you guys are talking about lol

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Kart Customization?
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It’s the thing where you do many mini turbos and somehow you can drive over terrain right?



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@Zypheir time! PRB is the state of being able to keep the extremely fast speed that comes with boosting at the right time, and all the effects that go with that. Think of the Rocket start as a property: if true: you get to go extremely fast. If false: you move normal. Normally, the Rocket start is very short, and only allows for a quick second of speed. However, if you mini turbo right after you get the Rocket boost, the speed is kept, and the property is kept true. One of the unforeseen consequences of this is that your Kart does not slow down when going off road, allowing for faster times, and straighter lines. PRB timing is usually VERY strict. The kart with the most lax timing in the game, the Dry Bomber, only gave you one second to mini turbo before you lost the state. Since it is an integral part of MKDS, I wanted to add it to Gimkit. Any questions?

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Whoa this is cool!! This is helpful for my racing map but looks a little complicated because Im not good at block coding or properties and stuff.


Thanks, block code and properties may seem daunting at first, but you’ll definitely get better as you spend more time on it!


Definitely! Since you’re just copying the block code and properties, they aren’t that bad, trust me.


Just so you know @Im_Pretty_Cool you spelled RaceFinished wrong


Oh yeah, I accidentally capitalized the i. I can’t edit it anymore, but thanks for letting me know.


I just reread this, and this is absolutely genius.

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Is there scope for lasers? Because couldn’t you theoretically walk in and out of the laser to mess up the ranks?

I would assume. Almost every device has some form of scope.

Lasers do have scope.

Well, you could just have a trigger for every laser. Max triggers set to one for each player, so they couldn’t mess up the rankings.

What I did was put a wire repeater for each laser that would deactivate it when the player was hit. And have the scope player so it would only deactivate for the player.

Thank you so much, that means a lot coming from the genius of gimkit!

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