How to Get Ranks at the End of a Race 🟨

I don’t know if it was already said in the comments, but you could use concatenation to show the ranks to use less blocks, but great guide!

You would have to make the property text, which would break the counting system

No, you could use the convert to text block.

I don’t think that makes it to the correct format though. For example, it would turn 2 to 2. Not 2 to second. Meaning the sign would say “Player finished in 2.”

Maybe have Rank:, or Placement:

I guess. I like the way it looks with second better though.

Or maybe: Finished in P[Rank]. For example, Finished in P1.

I guess it just comes down to blocks vs. aesthetics then

Or you could be overkill and check if it ends in 1, (st), 2 (nd), 3 (rd) or other (th)

You would still need if-then checks though, right?

Yeah, it’d be extensive.

Yes. You would only need 4 for all the places possible.

You would check for the remainder when you divide by 10 for that.

Oh… this’s four players… I knew that.

Oh. This was unrelated to concatenation of the code. Got it.

That’s the idea… I think… There is a remainder still, right?

I feel like the mods got rid of sqrt for a second there… it was weird.

Well, the remainder when divided by 10 is just the ones place, right? That’s what we want to check, so that’s what we’ll do.

But for me, the math bar has always been glitchy. I have trouble with getting to interact with the blocks and that one drop-down menu.