How to make a Racing Game with Multiple Laps

How do I make a racing game with multiple laps, that ends after all players have completed all of the (3?) laps?


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Welcome to the community, @Now ! You could wire a trigger to a counter with a target of 3, then wire the counter to an end game device.

Try this! It’s not much but it could help with the beginning atleast!

How to Make a Starting Line for a Race Gamemode (Difficulty: 🟧)

@ClicClac made a working map on this I can give you some guides, but they would know.

Accel and braking:

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Okay, for three laps, the way I did it was to take this guide:

And place it a couple times around the track. The more, the more accurate. Set the group to one.

Then, copy every laser and set their group to two.

Copy them again and set the group to three.

Then, wire it up so that the lasers deactivate themselves and increment a counter. It should look like this:

All of these counters should increment the same properties. Place down three laser managers, once for each group. Also place down a zone at the start. When the zone is entered, have it increment a property called LapNumber and broadcast on channel (in block code): (LapNumber)Lap.

Have each laser manager activate on Lap(group number) and deactivate on Lap(group number +1). Connect the Zone to a checker, so when the zone is entered, the checker checks if LapNumber = 4. If so, start your end game sequence.

It should look like this (there is a lot of extra stuff in this area, sorry!):


**ALSO, if this doesn’t make ANY sense, I am so sorry. Just ask, and you can look around the map to see how things are put together. I made this a while ago, so I probably didn’t explain it well!

I just made lasers that deactivated themselves and activated on a new lap lol.

That’s basically what this is.

How did you solve the lapping problem? I just tripled the number of lasers to solve mine.

Lapping a player? I’m not making my own leaderboard. I’m just using the in game leaderboard to show how many corners are left. The time will be shown after everyone finishes.

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Are you doing multiple laps?

Yes. It’s F1, with tires, crashing, acceleration, and braking.

So, do you keep track of who is in first place?

Nope. If I want to, I can compare the corners passed property.

Oh. That’s actually really clever.