Is a racing game possible?

Okay, how about making a straight path and adding obstacles? There are many props you can use to make obstacles. If you’re comfortable with that, you can make it more complex by adding checkpoints.

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Welcome to the forum, @The_Man !

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You could use checkpoints to see where players are.

This might help

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Sorry, I took a long time to respond (had to do some personal stuff) but I will try this.

So I got my track layout done but I don’t know what to do next.

Put lasers around the edges of the tracks. Make sure they all are at 0 damage and broadcast on the same channel.

I don’t know about channels (because I’m new) so can you help me with that part?

They’re basically wire repeaters but don’t take up memory.

Okay, I have the lasers around my track, what is next?

Also, am I supposed to put a laser at the end of my track?

Connect the lasers to a counter linked to a property (you can link it in settings)
For every tile or how many tiles a laser covers, remember that as one mile.
Now go into Map Options, (gear in bottom-left-corner) go to score and make the score a property.
Put the property you made in the start.
Connect the lasers to the counter to increment them.
(Make sure they deal 0 damage)

Player Hit By Laser > Increment Counter

Now, create a Game Overlay.
Set both of the scopes to player.
Now, go into it’s blocks (Top-Right)

Put this in:

Set Text | Create Text With | Get Property

PS: Your score should be by player and by team, and it should be a free-for-all

(You can add features from @ClicClac’s GK8 game)

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Thank you I will try this.

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Did it work?

As I’m doing this I don’t need the score to be like that. I just need it to show the placements at the end of the race.

I don’t know what to do.

No, it won’t show in-game, it’ll only show your own score, not everybody else’s, or do you mean you want to see your results at the end?
The property you set up in the map options makes it so you can see your score and everybody else’s when the game ends.

Welcome to the forum, @The_Man! Also, I know that racing is possible because ClicClac actually made an entire racing game! @ClicClac, wanna help out here?

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