How to make a Racing mode where you answer a LOT of questions

Some people do Gimkit and Gimkit Creative for the fun of it, and that’s fine. But there are also people who use Gimkit for school and studying and want to LEARN a lot from the set while they play. There are lots of ways to do this, and there’s not one specific way to do this. However, I will give my beginner tips. Some of these are very obvious, but I’ll list some ways to make that happen.

  1. Add a Questioner and Item Granter to gain energy per question. Also add a game overlay with Button to answer questions when you click on the overlay. THIS IS NECESSITY.
  2. Make a movement meter. Make the energy tick very quickly so that players have to answer more often.
  3. Add barriers with vending machines (not visible in game) on top of them and put the channels so that when the vending machine is purchased, the barrier is unlocked. Have the barriers cost energy.
  4. Make the speed modifier really slow so that the players move slowly so that they will have to answer a lot of questions to move around. You can accomplish this by wiring the speed modifier to a zone that covers the map.
  5. BONUS: To motivate players, give them 1 point (in the score) for each question they answer correctly. They will want to answer questions and they will add toward their final score, which can also be earned by other aspects of the game.
    That’s all! I know that most of that may seem simple and obvious, but a Racing creative mode if kept this simple should take less than an hour for creative beginners to make, and it will account for a lot of learning for students. I hope this helps!
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Nice guide! I recommend you adding more pictures so newer gims are able to understand.


Nice guide! This is actually prettty cool!

Bump because there aren’t many education games on the Discovery, and this helps.


Good guide, but most guides have pictures. Could you add them?

They ran out of edditing time a long time ago, and they’re no longer active.