I have no game ideas

I am laying in bed bored as can be with my cat in my lap and i am sitting on a empty gimkit map with no clue what to build :neutral_face: does anybody have any ideas of games i could make?

Have you checked these?

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Thanks for the suggestions but i am kind of in the mood to make something original yk? also do you know if he has found his hat yet


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You wouldn’t want that to happen.

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Why don’t you make a battle royale + something? The basic premise of a battle royale is so easy that anyone can do it, while adding your own personal touch to it makes it unique!

do you know if building is possible?

It is, but it is also very tedious to do. You need a button, a wire repeater, and a prop on every space you want to be able to build on.

Didn’t I add that to my guide?

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what about call or duty fortnite of battle royal