Making a new game! Ideas?

Im making a new game and i dont know what it might be called or what i should do…please give me some ideas…i will greatly accept any


Use the guides @Haiasi posted. They have a lot of ideas that can help you make your game.

Deliver game or stop the nuke…in future two advanced colonies fight each other to defuse or to launch, buy sentries to hold territory…

What was your last map?

  • Do something entirely different! If you had a space battle royale, try a cooperative medieval RPG!
  • Recreate a board game. Catan hasn’t been made yet!
  • Something with very, very hard mechanics to make, but fun to use, like a three minute long animation!
    Have a good time building

You could make gimbears (fnaf) im making a guide…that build is a good challenge. and probably fun to do solo!

Make a amung us guide but full…i try to piece together other guides but they dont work well for me…i need one built to work together not a bunch of scattered guides about different parts.

Didn’t we already make one?

Isnt that the huge complicated one? i want small easyer one so i started making guides about other stuf instead of building amung us

If not sorry im tired Im new to this running 7 chats at once helping…

Among Us is not a very easy game to fully make.
I’d say the tasks are 3/10 or :green_square: to 4/10 or :yellow_square: but the voting systems are the hardest.

yeah…iv just had other interests sparked i was just saying my pinin of why others might wnat it…

its alright, i want to make a game that people like but that is relevantly new and fun for all, and one that is easy to play

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