Game ideas for people like me and you!

I need ideas of games and some tutorials for a horror game, if you could help it would be awesome!

Welcome to the forums, @SKULL !

Make sure to check out the forum-beginners and forum-tips tag!

The Community Made Guides category is also very useful! The posts there give you a gist of the rules and mechanics in Gimkit Creative!

I suggest also reading the TOS and FAQ!

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Welcome to the community @SKULL! Make sure you read the FAQ and TOS.

Maybe look at these guides for insparation:


i can help you on the idea part, how about waking up underground in the sewers, once you get out you are stuck inside a building full of ghost and zombies. now i can split it two ways you can make it a maze that has scary stuff at every turn with the ghost/zombies (do we even have these). or you can make it a escape the monster and it can telport around to give the illusion its following you because senterys can’t move. thats my idea but you could find better ones in the comments above

Hi idk if i can reply to forums becuase I’m new to using an actual account

Thanks, SKULL

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Could you make a jumpscare?

Use this for the jump scare creatures :ℂ-ℂ'𝕤 𝔾𝕣𝕚𝕞𝕠𝕚𝕣𝕖.....0/10 ◻ (Wiki for @C-C)

A Bomb Chases You To Play Together F O R E V E R (i not really good at horror game ideas the only horror games i played is Mr Hopp PlayHouse 2 and Bendy And The Ink Machine but let just stay on topic shall we)

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Good old fashioned propaganda! Happens every time

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