Specific map ideas to build

I know a lot of people have problems thinking of a map idea, and all the guides have more general ideas that are like this: RPG map. In this guide, I will show some specific ideas like this: A RPG where you have to get a legendary wand.

1: A museum heist with a vault, lasers, and display cases.

2: A game where you run a bank or shop.

3: A RPG game where you have to obtain 5 gem shards to craft a legendary crystal.

4: A obby where you have to escape a pet store or barber shop.

5: A protect the sentry game where you buy barriers to stop the invaders from knocking out the sentry.

6: A game where you guide a traveler to a forest or town.

7: A game where you test a player’s skill by letting them select a boss to fight/ a SBBF game (Skill Based Boss Fight)

8: A game where you protect a train carrying a valuable diamond.

9: A underground escape room where the walls are caving in, so the player has to rush to beat it.

10: A game where you get a job at a hotel, or you stay in the hotel.

11: A disaster RP with maps and disasters like these: Tsunami, space meteors, volcano, and forest fire. (I didn’t say flood or earthquack because those are really hard to make in gimkit.)

12: A game where you are trapped in a mountain and you have to escape by getting through puzzles, monsters, and obstacles.

13: A escape the submarine map. (The submarine is losing air, get to the escape pods)

14: An arcade with a lot of minigames to play!

15: Santa sim. (Deliver presents before sunrise)

16: Gimkit in Gimkit (I don’t know if this is possible)

17: An ocean palace, explore, fight monsters, do quests.

18: A RPG map with temples and towers that have monsters with special attacks

I hope all these helped you find a new specfic idea to build in gimkit! :grinning:

These next few will be reply ideas:

Thanks to @Pika_Pokemon for these 3 ideas:

1: A maze with traps and puzzles or just a escape room mixed with a maze.

2: A protect the prop game (the same as number 5 but use a prop.)

3: A mystery where a bank is robbed and there are two suspects: You and someone else.

Thank you @Blizzy for these ideas:

1: A protect the player map. (more details in post 7)

2: A prison RPG where you make deals with your cellmates and the guards to help you escape!

This is a idea by @Bobthebuilder123:

A horror game where a monster will try to destroy the players, and the players have to survive untill sunrise. (5-7 mins)

This one is a idea from @ClicClac:

1: a

This will be another one by @Bobthebuilder123:

A game where you have to occupy all the occupation points around the map, while defending your occupied points.


Nice ideas! There’s a lot of good stuff in here!


Thanks! My other guide was flagged and removed, so I made another.

just some more ideas:
12. a maze like place full of traps and brain puzzles
13. a mystery
14. similar to 5, but instead of a sentry, its a prop
15. amongus-like game where you try to find the imposter

@gimmaster12345 add some of @Pika_Pokemon’s ideas!
Good guide, by the way!

I’ll add some of them @Pika_Pokemon

I changed the mystery one to make it more specific. And the mystery is like the amongus one, You find the theif and arrest him/her before the cops arrest you.

@gimmaster12345 I have another idea, related to @Pika_Pokemon’s #2 and your #5: Protect the player, one player is given a special token(Like a key or something), if they die, the other team owns your team.

Ok… There’s going to be a lot of “protect the _____” ideas here. (there is 3)

Wow! Nice guide full of ideas!

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I was planning on making an RPG where you must find the 7 flags of Xadia, but I was looking for a motive to collect them, and I really like the weapon one! Where you have make to make a “Ulti flag”


I’m making an RPG Jail Escape. You, well, escape the jail! It’s like you have to make deals and stuff with the guards and cellmates, and kill the guards to escape

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How about dead by daylight?
Dead by daylight is a horror game in which one monster attempts to sacrifice (kill) 5 survivors.
This could be like an among us game except a whole lot darker.

Thats a great idea! I’ll add that!

I never thought of that! I’ll add that one.

Any other ideas? The editing limit will end soon.

What about a non-Euclidean puzzle room?


Stuff like four left turns not putting you back where you started.

I’ll add it, but what does