Help for new map ideas

Hey there i’m looking for help to make some new map because i have been running out of ideas these days

Do you need ideas? There’s a bunch of ideas guides, I think.

Aren’t codes not allowed here?

Some ideas


Yeah, those guides were the ones I was talking about

Huh? What does that even? What kind of map?

He means ideas in general for his map

Ok. Bye bye… See u later…

you got that right ( because my friends won’t stop bothering me to make new maps)

Oof. The guides that I posted have A LOT of ideas in them so you should be fine.

Thank guy I’ll be making a game mode where there is one person that is being chased by all the other people. Think of it like tag but everybody except one is it. now i will be back to ask you guys what will be needed for this but in the mean time bye!

Once map is finished i will put the link so that you guys can play as well with friends

sry but code aren’t allowed in here but there is the great wix:

I would look at idea-catalog

i know that codes aren’t allowed

so far so great i’m almost finished with the map though does anybody know how to seperate the taggers and the hider.

Make it amount of specific teams in the map options and change it to 2 teams. Then make spawn pads away from the tagger and the hider.

I need it so that when the game starts the hider has at least 30 seconds to run away and the taggers are in a building and until they can come out there is a barrier that makes the tagger not able to come out

That’s the thing though I’m having trouble knowing what do to so that I can have the taggers and hiders spawn seperately

Hey guys it’s me again, I’m making a tag mode and a capture the flag mode and the tag map is going to be in a mall.I need help knowing what wall/floors I need to make stores.