Help! i don't know what to make!

HELP! I have no idea what to make! I have made other maps before, some not coming out right and me deleting them. What should I make now? Poll down below👇 (If you pick other lemme know what you think!)

No scary things. Please.

  • Role-Play
  • Adventure
  • Survival
  • Chill
  • Other…
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maybe this will help?


Ooh! Thanks a lot! I’m still gonna wait for the poll to have more votes because I really wanna see what other people think! But this is so helpful! Thank you!

These people are all so nice! I have never had people be this nice to me ever!

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If you find that maps are not coming out correctly, maybe you need to plan it out. The issue might be that it is hard to get motivation to finish the map once you start it since it seems really overwhelming. Make a list of things you will do first and so on. I hope this helps!


heres some more ideas aswell!


Thank you all so much! Looks like Adventure won, so I’ll make an Adventure map. I almost finished my new map; it’s called Chill. I can’t wait to post it and hope you all like it! Bye for now!

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