Ideas for a anythig you want too do map

I was going to make map and my mind went Blank. Sooooo I came over here to look for in idea.This map can be for anything I don’t you say i WILL reply [ please try not to say a TROLLING Map they take a a while to make.]

how about a game about the history of something that interests you? Like Pokémon or how newspapers were created or about how different dog breeds were made, etc.

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I like that it is a kind of random but that it is okkk!

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You should try this guide [ scroll ] The Ultimate Guide To FNAF 1! or this Specific map ideas to build dont for get to mark a soulotion

Maybe look around in the rpg or idea-catalog tags

there’s a capture the flag troll map and the troll isn’t too hard


umm you get a wire repeater and a flag and make it to if you pick it up it relays it
and the relay makes the flag drop
Screenshot 2023-12-19 1.30.53 PM
like this

Yeah sure I guess I’ll try @MOON

i need this one for my other map. @Trasch

@vqnillaxx i will search around in there maybe i find some thing but i was asking from you

Ooh, how about a retro map?

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um sure like retro it nice

I’m going to make a map that combines the idea from @kaitymuffin and @MrFishy so like how retro started. so thank you again @MrFishy @kaitymuffin for the idea.


No problem! Glad I can help!

going to make the map see you later

I have a list of many ideas.

I know what I’m using for my third map now :+1:t6: :+1:t6:

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I will do thanks for the information

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maybe make a death run