I need some Ideas for a map! (Can You guys help)

I need some help… (I would add a link to have you add stuff you my map but I cant)

Thanks! :smiley: I will take all he suggestions i can get!

What kind of game are you making?

I don’t know but whatever will work

how about a water-themed one or winter theme…

should make a christmas rpg

ur like an elf or something and you gotta help santa

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eh… I think I would like an underwater-theme

Maybe try a mode where the player has to traverse through a post-war, or the aftermath of worlds collide

or maybe… something to do with an island? Any island guides? like ones with houses

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or maybe anderwater village guide?


yeah, the fun with Ideas, you can get creative with them and go through trial and error

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underwater, you say??? >:))))



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Next time you need something, try searching it up first @Chickgirl.

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its my guide and i just made it.

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I mean, it’s kinda different with ideas for a map. I don’t really see it as something you would search.

Maybe you can try a winter-themed rpg? I dunno.