I need some ideas for a map it can be anything

i need some ideas for a map it can be anything it could be ummm
yea i dont even know what to do, so pls…

Try to look in: Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)


If you don’t find anything you like than you can try to make a:
Bed wars map
An escape game
IDk anything else really as long as you have the time

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escape room, bedwars and rpg are all on there already

i don’t really know :confused:

maybe a dungeon crawler or something?

Use my guide:
Specific map ideas to build

Tag this to ideas @Napcat223 .

Hehe yeh boi! A Violent game No holding back since you said ¨Anything¨!

that would be VERY VERY hard to make and it properly will get reported.

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also nice guide @gimmaster12345

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Hmm A RPg game maybe

maybe @Gimkitsuggestor

look around in the forums. they’re everywhere!

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