Ahhhh im outa game ideas

ahhhh im outa game ideas

dont link the game ideas to cure your boredom guide Ive read that and none of the ideas seem appealing

I don’t have season ticket, fyi

make a graphing calculator

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Hasn’t that already been done?

i knew it


i would, but i have no idea how

yeah bh made it

Try to make a card game, like Uno or something.


yes i did that

I always recommend the project of a graphing calculator to people since it forces you to think outside the box and it’s a really fun challenge.

oooo sounds complicated and i can make it, ill give it a try

You made it so quickly too.


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Recreate one of the original modes like the humans vs zombies. I made one.

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I had basically 6 days of no homework, which was super lucky, combined with the fact I had to rush it to showcase it to josh made it go pretty fast. Looking back though, it was really rushed and probably could have been done in a much more effective way.

But really, it’s super fun to try and think outside of the box to solve unusual problems, and it’s very satisfying when you get something working. Working with text displays is a fun challenge, I think it’s one of the more entertaining projects to work on, so really, I do recommend everyone gives it some kind of shot sometimes.

Even if it’s a simple design being used, like using a text object for each pixel, it’s still super fun to try and change the pixels and make images out of them.

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