Some super easy map ideas even I could do!

  1. Choose your own adventure: idealize the pop-up device and make call to actions take you to the next part of the story! Super easy dynamic, very little experience needed!
  2. Make a Mutant/Clicker Games: This took me a while to do, but the idea is simple. The idea I had was to start by planting, then growing a mutant plant creature by hiding and showing props: groundbreaking plants. You could also try this with pretty much any prop, by changing colors, flipping the item and increasing the size!
  3. Fish-Chain-Topia: Using similar dynamics of Fishtopia and Farmchain, you can make it your own. I made mine so that you could upgrade your farming equipment as well, feed your animals (they had to be giant mutant ladybugs, but that’s fine) and travel to get more seeds from other cities! This was by far the hardest I ever did, and took the most time (some block coding experience needed) but it is one of my favorites! Try it out if you want a challenge!
  4. Arcade: This was really fun to make, and you can really let your creative juices flow. The idea is that you are in an arcade, and each game takes you by portal to a mini game! This can allow you to test out new ideas!
  5. Shop: Run a green grocer or bakery! Use sentries as customers, take orders, prepare orders, buy new foods and expand your shop!
  6. The EASIEST game to make is Capture the Flag, by a long shot, due to the devices already specific to the mode. Spice it up by making intricate terrain.
  7. The next easy one is called survival. Basically make a map where one person is the tagger and the other the runner. Have places to hide, secrets, upgrades and fun terrain. Set a time limit for taggers and change the end of game widgets to favor the winner!
  8. Make a game with obstacles and opponents along the way, making “levels” using checkpoint devices! My favorite obstacle to do is lava: all you need to do is add red terrain covered by a zone linked to a respawn device! This is a pretty easy project for beginners!
  9. I made an escape room based off of CLUE, with all the different rooms. It was sooooo fun to make the map, and the devices can include questioners, popups, checkpoints and whatever else to make it your own!
  10. Danger Island: Make a game of who can survive the longest on a desert island filled with dangerous plants, traps and limited resources! Probably one of the quickest to make…. You can add upgrades for weapons, speed, endurance, etc.
  11. Among Us: This was so fun to make, especcially the tasks. The hardest part was making the voting system, but after I figured it out, the rest was easy! (I wanted to send a pic, but it did NOT work)

Well that’s all of them! Feel free to try some, and hopefully there were a couple fresh ideas!


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These are all great ideas! I’ll make sure to try some of them!

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