Looking for ideas for a new game

I want to make a new game. I want it to be fresh and new. Somewhat complex but not super hard

Try these guides!

Recreate an official game mode…that’s tricky, but usually not that hard (except DLD and farmchain)

hehe…may or may not be recreating farmchain or at least trying to…heh…expect to see it within a month on discovery! (It’s called Icelink) heh get it, farmchain, icelink

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lol great idea thanks

If you are wishing to publish that map, you can’t make it an exact copy of Farmchain and it can’t have its name or thumbnail.

Are you talking to me? I already said its going to be called Icelink, not Farmchain…and it is more based in like a frozen area…and I want to make my own thumbnail anyways…

No i was talking to @Solobroman, but yeah, copyright on offical games is really high right now so i said that to warn any user.

yeah, there are like five million on discovery

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