The Ultimate Ideas List By Legobuilder

Includes buildings you can build and map ideas!
if there is no -forum users name it was legobuilders idea!

  1. Restaurant

  2. Pizzeria

  3. Movie theater

  4. Echo secret base

  5. Vortex secret base

  6. Kitcilandia training soccer stadium

  7. Gimzone soccer training stadium



10.Among us ship

11.Robber/criminal hideout

12.Detective base

13.Police station

14.Fire station

  1. Hospital

  2. Laboratory

  3. Arcade

  4. Sports stadiums

  5. Laser tag

  6. Escape room

  7. Capture the flag

  8. Houses

  9. Apartments

  10. Lego store

  11. Walmart

  12. Airport

  13. Target

  14. Taco bell

  15. Circus

  16. Pirate ship/island

  17. Witch hut

  18. Jungles/forest

  19. Antarctica and igloos

  20. Skyscrapers

  21. The mechagodzilla building facility

  22. Baldis school

  23. Basketball stadium

  24. Church

  25. Concert

  26. Movie filming building

  27. Star wars ship

  28. Skull island (king kong)

  29. Club

  30. Golf

  31. Pool

  32. Mansion

  33. Luigis mansion

  34. Gas station

  35. Water tower

  36. Brookhaven from roblox

  37. Bunker in case of nuke

  38. Carnival

  39. Rainbow friends 1 and 2 maps

  40. Break in house

  41. Sewer

  42. Dungeon

  43. Prison

  44. Haunted house/mansion


1.60 seconds
2. Rainbow friends
3. Among us
4. Survival games


7.Baldis basics

8.Bounty hunter

9.job as waiter/waitress

10.stranded on island


12.School simulator




16.Game of life


18.Weird strict dad



21.Sports games

22.Go fish

  1. Uno


25.Security watch over the museum and shoot thieves with zapper tazer

  1. Story game

27.Comic book

  1. Foosball

29.Ice hockey

  1. The wii rio

  2. Mario kart

32 Jailbreak

  1. Cops and robbers

  2. One way out styled game

  3. Fishing game

  4. Planting game

  5. Bedwars


  1. Fortnite

  2. Poor to rich game

  3. Minigame server

  4. Percy jackson books

  5. Survive monsters at sea

  6. Be a knight and battle dragons and monsters

  7. Gladiator game

  8. Box fight

  9. Airplane simulator

  10. Resurgence

  11. Hungry hungry hippo

  12. Froggy roblox

51.Flashlight tag

  1. City simulator

  2. Castle wars

  3. Halo

  4. Minecraft

  5. Gimkit in Gimkit

57.Your making gimkit inside gimkit but in that gimkit you are also playing gimkit while playing gimkit in that gimkit,etc.

  1. Hogwarts

  2. Survive blizzys dd dragons

  3. Battle godzilla and or other titans

  4. Mythology games

  5. 4 corners/seasons game


  1. Desert survival

66.Labatry game, craft and ix to create cool stuff

  1. Roblox pillaging pirates

  2. Roblox piggy

  3. Outer space exploration

  4. Corn maze

  5. Maze but have to shoot a blastball to the end

70 Team fortress style game

  1. Hunger games

  2. Natural disaster…pick a decision to survive and see which room/decision survives and one dies…the rest move on to next simulation until 1 or 0 if all pick wrong choice players are left

  3. Natural disaster using props overtop of lasers to deal damage

  4. Spy game you are a spy trying to do something

  5. Escape room

  6. A super large arcade game

  7. Mario bros

  8. Roblox random rumble

  9. Roblox super bomb surrvival

  10. Laser maze

  11. Roblox Evade

  12. Roblox doors

  13. Roblox sharkbite


  1. Civil war…you go through simulation of the civil war where you get to fight in a mini-civil war and learn about it.

  2. Prodigy

  3. Google dinosaur no internet game.

  4. Roblox hide and seek

  5. Imposter and roles

  6. Subway surfers

  7. Run game

  8. Jacksmith

  9. Copter royale

  10. Cool math games in gimkit (a website looking map with a few coolmah games games)

  11. Grow a plant simulator

  12. Gizmo in gimkit

  13. Duolingo in gimkit

  14. THe google doodle halloween hunt game

  15. Minesweeper

  16. Duck life

  17. find the prop/button-blizzy

  18. protect the sentry-blizzy

  19. protect the player-blizzy

  20. escape the hunter-blizzy

  21. the most dangerous game in gimkit

  22. Keep away-blizzy

  23. Ice tag

  24. Don’t touch the button-

  25. Freeze tag

114.Poppy playtime minigame(spydecraft245)

115.Plants vs zombies

  1. Hide and seek tag

117.Prop hunt

  1. Haunted house escape

  2. luigis mansion mini-games

  3. Roblox (just homescreen that looks like roblox with circle barriers with invisible buttons that will teleport you to the game you picked…just don’t forget to have a player counter for each game!

  4. Godzilla and other monsters four corners tycoon or bedwars.

  5. Godzilla and monsterverse clicker

  6. Roblox doors

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How to make a airplane with props

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A lot of the main characters from Hogwarts legacy in gim form

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