Quest/Lore Ideas

So I’m Currently working on a GTA map and I was wondering if anybody had some good gta quest ideas?
(Gimkit friendly quest ideas)


You Sneak Around The Cops To Get Into The Bank And Steal The Money

  • Rob the bank or stopping a robbery.
  • Beat up Rick (or whoever), which would basically be taking out a NPC.
  • Get a sick old man medicine (could also be a robbery quest)
  • Escape prison (if you get caught at some point)
  • Collect a bunch of certain items
  • Get a job
  • A kid is being bullied, and you have to beat up the bullies.
  • Get a cat down from a tree

  • Break into the CIA to get some data
  • Assassinate a CEO of some company.
  • Collect all collectibles
  • Beat some race/challenge in under 30 seconds.
  • Cover every inch of the map
  • Get to the center of a maze.
  • Find the hidden fish. (based of your username)
  • Click the button 100 times (random thing happens every click)
  • Beat every quest

I can give more if you’d like. (I’ll just edit this post)

Adding more when I have time. (Over the next 10 min or so I’ll keep adding)


If you have more ideas please I’d like to listen!


how about the lore of the citys existence like how it came to be i would like to see backstory or there could be a dark secret looming in the city and could match up to one of the quest for you to find out about the lore of this dark secret


@GimfishCollector, how about this?

You live in a medieval town that’s home to [INSERT THING HERE], but someone (maybe use a sentry) steals it one day. You must pursue them into a deep, dark, menacing forest to reclaim it. You can add tons of side quests in the game such as meeting people in the woods and maybe doing side quests that help you accomplish your overall goal. How’s that?


The Ultimate Ideas List By Legobuilder
theres a lot here. buildings and game ideas!
Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)
Quest Ideas :interrobang: (Wiki)


This is great but I’m doing a GTA theme.
I’ll try to fit it in with a GTA type theme

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oh gta ive never played but this could work how about a escort misson while sentry can’t move we can give the illusion by them telaporting forward every once in awhile and you take out enemys before they telport to the new location


OK. Just out of curiosity, what’s GTA?

Grand Theft Auto. It’s a game.


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