[📜] The ULTIMATE Guide to Map Ideas

There are around 150 help topics asking what they should build on GKC if this is you -

  1. Check out other games people already made and have it inspire you. Please don’t copy it exactly though.
  2. If you still need more inspiration resort to the following guides (not in a bad way)

(Also helpful for making your own map ideas)

Do check this out more more ideas.


@Legobuilder and @Cellofive

Very important - SEARCH BEFORE YOU ASK!


Only problem is that most people never look at the guides or search something up before posting…


If people never search those guides, then how will they look and get to this one? (not to be mean)


Just asking, can someone make an announcement saying “PLEASE SEARCH BEFORE YOU ASK”.

Everytime there’s a help post about something thats mean made or a repeat guide, that’s when it happens.

kind of did that in but it was flagged

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Ahh makes sense… back to saying “Please search before you ask”

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I’m gonna say it.
Every one of these guides can be found by searching up map ideas.
This just adds to all the duplicate maps of ideas.

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@GimGuy, I know those guides can be found by searching up map ideas. It’s just for those lazy people (like me) who don’t like searching things up . Pretty much every “Ultimate guide” is like this with some extra stuff by the author. (no offense)

Alright, I just never use these kinds of things.
Sorry if I offended you.

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This seems more like a resources guide really. Also, it helps keep a collection of guides that couldn’t normally be found, hard to find, or quallity guides that are important.

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I mean, my guide isn’t really as much about lessening help posts than it is giving people ideas. But yeah, it’s a thing about resources. They don’t work very often.


In addition, we can just slap a tag on each post and call the tag a resource itself.


Could you add my theme ideas post? (unless it doesn’t fit your criteria)

Yeah, and that’s why most ultimate guides to something are bad, unless it shows how to connect each system in each guide.

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I can’t add it any more @Rusty.

Bumpity bump, bump, bump, bump

Thats fine.

Yeah, it reminds me of when twofoursixeight made resources for tags. It doesn’t really work, especially when it’s a tag.

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A lot are good however, especially when they give more in depth explanations and simpler ways to do a thing.

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