I need to cure my boredom

I’m just very bored. Any ideas for anything, game or not? Something challenging would be interesting.

There’s probably better things to do than code something in GKC, but hey, why not?

basically every idea guide is here idea-catalog

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I kind of looked through those… I think I’m looking for something more on the impossible side? For some weird reason, I like challenges.

quantum mechanics.
Gimkit’s Quantum Mechanics: Help Needed


Maybe you could do one of those laser mazes because they take so long to do


I think for a challenge, you should make football. If you need help I have some ideas.

You could try to recreate a game you like. I’m personally making Tetris.

Do you have any ideas? I’m looking for deceptively simple games that I don’t need to design a lot, but are hard to code (kind of like Tetris i guess).

then you should do Gimtris. (Nice play on words on my part)

i like going through old video games for ideas on simple things that require a fair amount of coding. things liked tetris, snake, pong (my personal fave), etc would work.

This can also help, if you need it.