I need ideas on what game to make

As you read in the title I need an Idea for a game

Screenshot 2023-12-16 12.47.17 PM

please search before you post

im gonna go change this to devices since its a dupe post
Edit : this okay with you?

I’ve done most of them like tag, bedwars and minecraft which I failed


Use tap grass or my personal favorite touch Poaceae. But yeah, please search before you ask.

:frowning: this is not resolved

hello? this is still not solved and I still don’t have an idea

I would suggest a star wars map… I’m working on a star wars map right now so if u wanna collab…
Also the best kind of games that gimkit likes are RPG games. For some inspiration and ideas go to the discovery and search up Gim Wars. It should have 2 gims fighting with lightsaber on the front. Its a good game which show you all the basics a good game needs.

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